Safety First at Eagle Ford Oilfield

safety tips for employeesThe Eagle Ford Oilfield is packed with a bunch of workers who are as busy as bees. The work there is not easy. Workers are exposed to a number of potential perils from heavy machinery to extreme conditions.

That is why in the workplace, all personal safety precautions are highly paramount. No amount of regulations from the Federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration and company policies will guarantee your safety. In reality, it is you who has a good hold of your safety. In an article by Devorah Fox, President of Mike Byrnes and Associates, Inc., she shares some very helpful personal safety tips for employees working in the Eagle Ford Oilfield, especially around commercial vehicles. (Check her article here.)

Personal safety tips for employees:

On approaching the vehicle

Vehicular accidents don’t just happen when the vehicle is running. This holds true especially to heavy trucks. So what exactly will you do when approaching one to avoid accidents? Fox tells us:

“As you approach the vehicle, take a look around. Make sure it’s secure. Don’t get under, in front of or behind a truck or piece of heavy equipment if there’s any chance at all that it could move.”

Also, Fox’s advises truck drivers to use the three-point stance when entering and exiting a vehicle:

“1. As you approach the vehicle cab, eyeball the footholds. Dirt or grease could cause you to slip and fall.

2. Enter the cab with one foot on the ground, one on the truck’s foothold and one hand on the handhold.

3. Exit by climbing out backward, as if you were using a ladder. Never jump out of the cab.”

On being safe around cargoes

“A load can shift while in transit, so use caution when you open cargo doors or release tiedowns. Open only one side of a van trailer and stand behind the other latched door. This will give you some protection from any falling cargo.”

As they say, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Your very life is at risk here, so simple precautions can give a great impact to your safety.

On safety before running the vehicle

Sometimes, road accidents are rooted from lack of safety measures before hitting the road. There might be problems with the vehicle which were not noticed beforehand. So do the following steps Fox gives us:

“-Be aware of the condition of the vehicle. Now would be a better time to notice a defect than when you’re miles down the road or in the middle of a critical operation.

-If this is an unfamiliar vehicle for you, look around and identify the location of all the controls. Make sure that there are no loose objects that could hit you if you start or stop abruptly. Adjust the seat so that you can reach the controls easily.

-Do a little personal inventory. Are you fit to operate a heavy truck or piece heavy equipment? If you’re too fatigued, hung over, distracted or preoccupied to perform safely, you’re putting yourself as well as others at risk.

-Fasten your safety belt.”

If you are a worker working on the Eagle Ford Oilfield, heed these safety tips as all your hard work will be useless if you put your life in danger.

Do you have other tips which were not mentioned above? Share them in the comments below.

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