Rigs Running in Eagle Ford Shale Boost in Numbers

natural gas rig Natural gas extraction offer high hopes for fuel independence on the part of the United States, and activities along the Eagle Ford Shale region demonstrates actions leading to the realization of such hopes.

Drilling in Eagle Ford Shale continues to be active, in fact, three additional rigs were added to boost a figure of 252 running over the recent weeks. Eagle Ford Shale reports about two developments: the Eagle Ford well, which was completed with a propane frack, and a second well, which is projected to complete with liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered frack pumps. The following points show further details about some of the recent activities in Eagle Ford Shale: (Read full story here.)

Rigs in completion at Eagle Ford Shale

Liquefied Natural Gas

The extraction of LNG provides a positive outlook towards cleaner energy. Here is what Eagle Ford Shale reports:

“We sat down with a Ferus Oilfield Services rep, Jed Tallman, who provided details related to the Baker Hughes led LNG powered completion. Essentially, LNG is brought onsite in tanker trucks, regassed and injected through the air intake of the frack pumps. Diesel is still used and provides the spark for combustion, but substitution rates as high as 65% can be achieved. Add the  economic savings of as much as $50,000 to the environmental benefits of cleaner burning natural gas and you get a recipe for something you’ll likely hear about again.”

Cost of natural gas

Some changes in gas rig counts were noted, and so with gas prices. According to Eagle Ford Shale:

 “The natural gas rig count fell two to 40 running this week. Gas prices, on the other hand, reversed weeks of declines to reach almost $3.60/mmbtu on Friday afternoon.

The oil rig count jumped five rigs to 209 running in the area. WTI crude futures were trading close to $95.50 per barrel to end the week. Eagle Ford crude priced at $108.53/bbl on the 17th of January. Eagle Ford light crude and condensate in the area traded at $92 and $91, respectively.”

Storage wells on the drill

Gas storage wells, where natural gas is stored until it is needed in times of high demand of gas supply, will also be drilled as rigs run in the region.

“There are 233 horizontal rigs running in the region. Storage well is being drilled in Zavala County and disposal wells are being drilled in Frio County and Leon County.

La Salle & Karnes counties lead development with 32 and 30 rigs running, respectively. McMullen (27), Webb (25), Dimmit (24), DeWitt (22), Gonzales (22), Live Oak (13), Atascosa (9), Leon (8), Lavaca (7), Frio (6) and Fayette (5) round out the top counties in the region.”

The developments in the Eagle Ford Shale area are expected to remain active as they promise to bring optimistic results in the local economy. As more rigs are drilled, more natural gas extractions provide another room for positive outlook in natural energy resources.

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