Locals Share Their Thoughts about Eagle Ford

locals share about Eagle Ford ShaleThe Institute for Economic Development of the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) conducted a study on the positive impact of the Eagle Ford Shale, a shale formation in South Texas, an area rich in oil and natural gas, to the economic boost of the said region. The said institute held debriefings to share to the community leaders and locals the results of the study.

After the debriefings, locals were interviewed on their first-hand accounts on how the ever-growing activities on Eagle Ford are making a positive impact to their lives. Here in this video, snippets of the interviews are presented and the following are some of the accounts told by the locals:

Shawn Fluitt (Timekeepers Security): “This is changing family trees.”

He then continues by saying that the Eagle Ford Shale has positively altered the lives of the people he knows and even lives of their grandchildren, remarking how “amazing” all of these are.

Will Watson (Community Member): “The more people I met here in San Antonio… the more I started to understand how huge it is and how big economic impact it’s gonna have not only in Texas, but for the rest of the nation.”

Donna Fluitt (South Texas Resident): “There’s a lot of [infrastructures and businesses] being built so the community as a whole [is benefited].”

She also mentions about how the economic boost will increase tax dollars for the schools in the South, thus, quality education will be at par with those in the North. Hence, parents will not anymore send their children to schools in the northern part of the region, just to gain quality education.

Indeed, the benefits gleaned from the Eagle Ford Shale activity transcends to a lot of different dimensions.

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