How Eagle Ford Shale Supports Small Communities

Many oil companies are currently operating in the Texas area because of the great promise of oil and natural gas in Eagle Ford Shale. This has resulted to a domino effect that has benefited many institutions, individuals, and communities. But in what ways exactly? Let us take it from a Texas resident, Melissa Gonzales, Dilley Click To Read More

South Texas Generated $25B Revenue from Eagle Ford Shale Alone

South Texas is composed of small towns with communities of only about thousands residents. But that seems to change no sooner as the oil industry activated by the Eagle Ford Shale is creating massive positive changes to the area. In a UTSA Today report by Christi Fish, it turns out that the Eagle Ford Shale Click To Read More

Eagle Ford Shale Rush Results to Instant Job Boom

When there is a huge business opportunity, there is also a massive job possibilities. This is inevitably proven by the recently discovered Eagle Ford Shale Formation in Texas. In a CBS Evening News episode, Bagad Shaban reports about the job availability effects of the dozen companies attracted to the Eagle Ford Shale. In an interview Click To Read More

The Positive Economic Impact of Eagle Ford Shale to Crystal City, Texas

In recent years, the Eagle Ford Shale has been one of America’s major oil and natural gas resources. And the active operations to extract the minerals in the area have been benefiting nearby communities economically. One of these communities is Crystal City, Texas. In this video, Joe Lopez, executive director of the Crystal City Housing Click To Read More

Start Small, Think Big: Success Story From The Eagle Ford Shale

What is the secret of making it big in the Eagle Ford Shale? Well, ask Gregg Robertson how he did it.  In a 19-minute talk, he narrates a very inspiring story on how his small company has successfully managed to develop in the Eagle Ford Shale play. Not only that, he also reveals secrets on Click To Read More

What is Eagle Ford Shale?

 Anyone unfamiliar with South Texas is very likely to be unacquainted with the Eagle Ford Shale Play, a gas and oil producing formation. According to the Railroad Commission of Texas (RCT), the Eagle Ford Shale stretches 400 miles long and 50 miles wide, touching the Mexican border and reaching all the way up to East Click To Read More

A Strategic Plan for the Eagle Ford Region: Response from the Community

This video is a plain visual presentation of the development plan for the Eagle Ford region. It starts by illustrating how the stakeholders are linked together as part of the big picture, in terms of the development of the play. These stakeholders include: regulators, land owners, midstream companies, housing developers, oil/gas companies, the world market, Click To Read More

The Impact of Eagle Ford Shale: Perceptions from South Texas Communities

How is Eagle Ford Shale changing the economic landscape of South Texas? This video opens with locals, sharing their insights about the positive impact of Eagle Ford Shale in their community. One insight comes from Patsy Leigh, Program Manager of Cotulla Main Street, who discloses that businesses are coming into town. “Before, our downtown district Click To Read More

More Housing Needed In San Antonio As A Result Of Eagle Ford: USTA Study Reveals

“The good Lord didn’t send us rain. He sent us oil. That’s been a blessing because oil paid a lot better than the rain,” says Chris Meyer in this report, owner of ACE Hardware store in Cotulla. This news video uncovers that, although oil has sparked an economic boom south of San Antonio, there is Click To Read More

Is Eagle Ford Taking The Title Crown From Bakken? Drilling Results Suggest The Possibility

Bakken Shale in North Dakota has boasted for the most established and most famous shale play across the United States. However, Eagle Ford Shale is about to take that title as a study by the IHS, a global market information and analytics company, reports highly favorably drilling results. According to the IHS press release: “Strong Click To Read More