Promising Profits from Eagle Ford Shale

South Texas has recently reported that the Eagle Ford Shale has continually produced positive results in the economy. The 400 mile- long and 50 mile- wide rock formation has been attracting drillers from around the world. Companies are spending huge amount for the development and expansion of their drilling operations in Texas. The growing profit Click To Read More

Eagle Ford Natural Gas: Major Pipelines Planned to Expand Towards Mexico

Infrastructure is set to move further, as Eagle Ford natural gas expansions are headed for Mexico. This is good news for Eagle Ford shale growth, as this multimillion project is set to focus on industrial cities. The Mexican Energy Minister, Jordy Herrera, expresses that this unique opportunity offers competitiveness for the country’s industry. (Read full Click To Read More

Eagle Ford Shale Boom Further Adds Jobs as Energy Business Expands

Previously, we have read in the news that the Eagle Ford Shale has created an instant job boom in Texas. So, we now know that oil and gas jobs are abundant in Texas. And here is more good news to jobseekers. The jobs keep adding in South Texas, and the numbers just soar on and Click To Read More

Rigs Running in Eagle Ford Shale Boost in Numbers

Natural gas extraction offer high hopes for fuel independence on the part of the United States, and activities along the Eagle Ford Shale region demonstrates actions leading to the realization of such hopes. Drilling in Eagle Ford Shale continues to be active, in fact, three additional rigs were added to boost a figure of 252 Click To Read More

Best Spots in the World’s Most Profitable Oil Field – Eagle Ford Shale

The state of Texas is proud of its sedimentary rock formation known as the Eagle Ford Shale. It has become the target of oil and gas companies because of the production of hydrocarbon. Today, the shale has been referred to as the most profitable oil field in the world. The promising profits have pushed companies Click To Read More

Safety First at Eagle Ford Oilfield

The Eagle Ford Oilfield is packed with a bunch of workers who are as busy as bees. The work there is not easy. Workers are exposed to a number of potential perils from heavy machinery to extreme conditions. That is why in the workplace, all personal safety precautions are highly paramount. No amount of regulations Click To Read More

Facts You Need to Know About the Eagle Ford Shale

The Eagle Ford Shale has been one of the most talked about oilfields in the country. In fact, it is one of the country’s leading oil and natural gas producers. Because of its elevating prominence associated with the positive changes and development in Southern Texas, many people are eager to know more about the shale. Click To Read More

Eagle Ford Shale and the Rags to Riches Stories in Gonzales

The town of Gonzales is just like any other small and quiet town in South Texas until the Eagle Ford oil rush came. With the rush came very abrupt development, great economic boom, more job opportunities that pay higher than a regular Gonzales employee, and more money for landowners as they lease out their property. Click To Read More

Locals Share Their Thoughts about Eagle Ford

The Institute for Economic Development of the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) conducted a study on the positive impact of the Eagle Ford Shale, a shale formation in South Texas, an area rich in oil and natural gas, to the economic boost of the said region. The said institute held debriefings to share Click To Read More

Marathon Oil Corporation’s Eagle Ford Activity in a Nutshell

The sudden oil boom on the southern part of Texas called the Eagle Ford Shale has lured the attention of many oil companies in the country. One such company is Marathon Oil Corporation, which regards their Eagle Ford operations as one of the fastest growing cornerstones of their organization. In this video, Kirk Spilman, the Click To Read More